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In recognition of the PCC's 150th Anniversary in 2025, The Committee on History via Ian McKechnie (Editor of the bi-annual newsletter, Presbyterian History) is preparing a 150th Anniversary book which will be a published collection of first-hand stories about where we have been, where we stand and where we are going as The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

It will not be a comprehensive history of the PCC, but a compilation of stories told by Presbyterians from coast to coast, and inclusive of all ages, cultural backgrounds, orientations and experiences.

Do you have a favourite memory of singing in a choir, attending a youth group, going to a potluck supper, or attending the General Assembly—or anyone or anything else that shaped your involvement in church?

What are some of the things your congregation is doing today to share the good news of Jesus in your community?

And what are your hopes and dreams for the PCC as it approaches 150 years?

We want to hear from you! Please write to Ian McKechnie, project co-ordinator, at:<>

Submissions are being accepted until November 30, 2024.