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Calvin now has a Return-It Express Account.

Returning your recyclable containers just got easier – no more waiting in line sorting bottles and getting your hands sticky. And the best part it is an easy way to support Calvin Church.

Here is how it works:

Bag your recyclables into a transparent/clear bag. (No need to sort but be sure to only put 10 glass bottle per bag otherwise it is too heavy).

Take your bags to your nearest Return-It Express depot.

There you will find a Kiosk or label machine. Enter in the churches phone number 604-859-6902 and affix a label to each bag.

Place the bag in the designated drop off area and walk away.

The bag will be sorted, and the money credited to the Church directly through their online account.

If you are unable to get to a depot you can bring your bags to the church, and we will take the bags to the depot for you.

Need a label? We will try and have a supply on hand at the Information Desk. Anyone needing more information can contact Rod or Cathy, or check out the poster on the bulletin board.