toonieHEADS UP

 For the Toonie Sale

At Calvin Church

On Saturday, 22nd October

10:00am – 2:00pm


EVERYTHING is only $2.00– Toys, Books, Housewares, Christmas, Jewels and Gems galore.

No haggle – no hassle; everything’s a bargain. Tell your friends and neighbours.

We’d love to meet them all.

Abbotsford Christian Leaders Network

“Uniting the whole Church, to Love the whole City, with the whole Gospel”

This Thanksgiving, the churches of Abbotsford will be rallying together once again           and displaying the following message in their church bulletins and on their websites.

Give thanks to the Lord – His love endures forever

How good to be reminded. With so much on our plates, it’s possible to by-pass gratitude.

Take a moment and give thanks. For we owe God everything: every breath, every good and perfect gift, every moment, waking or sleeping, thriving or otherwise. For even when we struggle, God is our sustainer.

And, yes, his love endures forever. Experienced in so many ways, yet most powerfully through Jesus. For God so loved that he gave his one and only Son, for us.                           This Thanksgiving, give thanks.

    ( The churches of Abbotsford, giving thanks together!)


Calvin Clappers Hand Bell Choir

Come join the Calvin Clappers Hand Bell Choir on Saturday mornings from                10am until 11:15am, here at Calvin Presbyterian Church. We will meet each week to learn how to play and prepare music to share with our community.handbell

Hand Bell Choir works by each ringer being responsible for ringing one to four or more bells, depending on your ability and comfort level. Each of the bells is tuned diatonically to the notes on a piano. When each person rings their note(s) in time, beautiful music is     created.

We are looking for individuals who can read music, even if it’s just a little. We can teach you how to ring hand bells, so don’t worry if you haven’t rung before. You are also               welcome to come and listen and see what our rehearsals are like.

If you enjoy making new friends and want to see what we are about or have any questions, please contact Elizabeth at (604) 831-2861.

Calvin Choir

The Calvin Choir practices begin this coming Thursday, September 8th at 7:00 pm.

If you love to sing, please come and join us!

For more information about the choir, please feel free to contact Don Blaak at                 (604) 866-3710 or email him at

Worship - Choir

The Sunday Coffee Hour Ministry

Coffee CupTo all of you who are already serving in the Coffee Ministry, we give you a big Thank-You for your time, energy and devotion. Lois Lochhead is seeking more volunteers to help on Sunday mornings.

 If you are currently helping, your name will continue to be on the Coffee Team list UNLESS you contact Lois that you are unable to help out. Please indicate to Lois if there are particular Sundays throughout the year that you are unavailable. The schedule is being made up for October 2016 to October 2017.

Thank you, and God Bless.

Lois (604) 855-4446 or

Calvin Clappers

Calvin Church’s handbell choir is preparing for the fall season, and we are looking for  ‘New Ringers’ who can read music and have an interest in learning a new and                   fun instrument.

The handbell choir was started by Lorraine Loewen in 1988 and consists of eleven ringers. We have three octaves of beautiful handbells and hand chimes, as well as a library              of music suitable for two or three octaves.

Music not only provides a good workout for the brain, it is also good for memory,                  , coordination, and discipline and keeps you younger and healthier for longer.

Our first practice is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th at 10 a.m.                        Please join us, and let’s keep those bells ringing

For more information, contact Margaret Ward at (604) 853-6370 or