Church Bulletin for June 5, 2022

June 5, 2022 10:00 a.m. Day of Pentecost
Prelude: Larraine Kandal
Welcome: The Rev. Thomas Kim
Call to worship
*Hymn: Holy Spirit
Prayers of confession
Assurance of God’s grace
Story time: The Rev. Thomas Kim
Musical interlude Family Worship Sunday
Responsive Psalm Psalm: 106: 1-5 (NRSV) – Don Blaak
Induction of Elder Heather Collum
Gospel reading: Luke 9: 23
*Song: Will you come and follow me (#634 vv. 1, 2,5)
Old testament reading: Amos 3: 14
Message: AMOS 4: At your convenience?
The Rev. Thomas Kim
Invitation to Communion
*Communion song: Jesus calls us here to meet him (#528)
The Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
*The Apostles’ Creed
Prayer after Communion
*Doxology/ Prayer Glory be to God the Father (#298 v. 1)
Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession
followed by the Lord’s Prayer (in unison) [sins/sin against us]
*Hymn: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine (#687)
*Benediction: Go now in peace
Postlude: Veronika Klassen
*Please stand in body or in spirit

*Greeter: Helen Bell
*Coffee Time: Margaret Brown & Sally Maher
*Flowers: Marilyn & Bill Ingram in thanksgiving for Calvin’s 90-year-olds

Youth Connect (Grades 7 and up) Invite your friends!
Tuesday Bible Study (with Margaret Allan): Tuesday at 10:00 am Via Zoom
For more information please contact Margaret Allan (604) 853-6623
Friends and Coffee Social: Wednesday at 10:00 am Fireside Lounge
Everybody Welcome! Don’t forget to bring a friend
Thursday Bible Study: Thursday 12:00 pm Thomas Kim’s Place

“Gotta fill up the back of Ken’s truck” for delivery on June 30th.
Our suggestions for this month: JUICE – JAM – JELLY – CAKE MIX
Appreciate all your help.
-Joyce, Lois & Ken Gilbank

New Members: Helen Bell, Ed Cummings, Joy De Mille, Malcolm McFee
New Elders to Session: Don Blaak, Heather Collum, Lois Lochhead, Ron Richardson

The 2022 General Assembly will be online from June 5 until June 8. This virtual gathering provides an opportunity for the church to consider matters affecting the ministry and mission of our denomination.
Commissioners, who are responsible for the business of Assembly, will discern and make decisions. At Assembly, commissioners, young adult and student representatives will welcome ecumenical and interfaith guests. The Assembly will open with worship Sunday afternoon and will gather for worship daily. Visit for more information.