Church Bulletin for Nov 21, 2021

November 21, 2021, 10 a.m. Reign of Christ Sunday 

Prelude Larraine Kandal
Welcome Sharing the congregational life
Call to worship
* Song: Holy Spirit
Prayers of confession
Assurance of God’s grace
Story time: The Rev. Thomas Kim
Musical interlude Family Worship Sunday
Responsive reading: Psalm 134: 1-3 (NRSV) – Don Blaak
* Hymn: Crown him with many crowns #274
Gospel reading: Matthew 5: 1-10 – Alan Hougen
New Testament reading: Acts 19: 23-27 – Cathy Thomson
Message: Acts: Money vs God
The Rev. Thomas Kim
* Hymn: My Jesus, I love thee
Offering – Offertory
* Doxology – Prayer All creatures of our God and King
Sharing: Calvin Finance Committee
Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession
followed by the Lord’s Prayer (in unison) [sins / sin against us]
* Hymn: Take my life and let it be [Tune: HENDON] #637
* Benediction: May the peace of God
Postlude: Larraine Kandal
*Please stand in body or in spirit