Church Bulletin for April 18, 2021

April 18, 2021  Third Sunday of Easter

Prelude: Veronika Klassen
Welcome: Sharing the congregational life
Call to worship
Hymn:  Ye watchers and ye holy ones #607
Prayers of confession
Assurance of God’s grace
Scripture readings:  Psalm 5: 1-7, Matthew 28: 16-20, Acts 6: 8-15
Message: Acts: Stephen – Approved by God (The Rev. Thomas Kim)
Hymn: Take my life, and let it be consecrated #637
Doxology: All praise and thanks to God
Prayers of dedication
Prayers of intercession: followed by the Lord’s Prayer (in unison) [sins/sin against us]
Hymn: I’ll tell the world that I’m a Christian
Benediction: Father, make us one
Postlude: Veronika Klassen

ABBOTSFORD FOOD BANK: Carole Sookdeo will come to the church once a month to collect the food bank donations from the blue bins. The next pickup will be on Friday, April 30th, so please bring your donations in prior to this date.  Thank you.

Presbyterian Connection Newspaper: The spring issue of the Presbyterian Connection Newspaper is available at the welcome centre in the Gathering Space. Please stop by during office hours if you would like to pick up a copy. Thank you.

JIGSAW PUZZLES: Are you looking for something fun to do while spending time at home? We have a small collection of jigsaw puzzles that can be signed out at the church office during office hours. There are some that are 300, 500 and 600 pieces. If you have some puzzles that you would like to donate to the collection that would be great! To be in line with COVID restrictions, we will hold back returned or new incoming puzzles for 4 days before putting them into circulation. If you are not driving at this time and would like one or two puzzles to work on, you can call Marilyn Instant @ 604-855-9124 or Don Blaak @ 604-866-3710 and we will drop off a couple at your door. Let’s keep our brains exercised!

 CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: The church office will be open on Wednesday and Friday from 9AM-1PM. Thank you.

SENIORS MINISTRY INITIATIVE AT CALVIN: We are looking for members to pray and plan together for this new initiative. If you want to serve in this Seniors Ministry Steering Team, please contact Thomas Kim.


Receiving Nominations: March 28th to April 18th.

Voting period:  May 9th to May 23rd.

Ordination and Admission: May 30th