Church Bulletin for November 29, 2020

November 29th, 2020   First Sunday of Advent

Prelude: Advent quartet
Welcome:  Sharing the congregational life
Call to worship
Advent hymn: #110Come, thou long expected Jesus

Prayers of confession
Assurance of God’s grace

Advent reading: First Sunday in Advent: Hope
Advent song: Hope is a star (v. 1) #119

Advent quintet: In the bleak mid-winter

Gospel reading: Luke 1: 5-17
Message:  Advent I: HOPE   (The Rev. Thomas Kim)

Advent hymn: #122 O come, oh come, Emmanuel (vv. 1, 6, 3)

Doxology: Praise God from whom all blessings flow #830
Prayers of dedication
Prayers of intercession
followed by the Lord’s Prayer (in unison) [sins / sin against us]

Advent quintet: Mary, did you know?
Benediction:  People in darkness (v. 2) #124
Postlude:  Advent quartet


Due to new COVID restrictions, we will not be having in-person services until further notice.   The services will be online, so please check our website for more information. CALVINLIFE.CA

WELCOME: We would like to extend a special welcome to the following guest musicians leading the music during today’s worship service: Dianne Liesch (vocals), Lloyd Bates (piano), Don Liesch (saxophone) and Paul Horban (bass). We are excited and grateful to have them with us this Sunday as we begin our Advent season.

ADVENT BIBLE STUDY ON ZOOM: Advent Bible Study on Zoom will be on Wednesday Dec 2, 11 AM on Zoom. If you want to participate send an email to pastor Thomas at

LADIES BIBLE STUDY: Due to new COVID restrictions, the Ladies Bible Study is cancelled until further notice. Thank you.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST: Due to new COVID restrictions, the December 5th breakfast meeting will be cancelled. Thank you.